With everything going on in these times, we could rewrite all of the information/advice/rules/regulations and give them to you again but we know that sometimes just knowing faces/names behind computers can make life just that little bit easier in the trying times.

So today, this is a self-indulgent blog to tell you about us! Many of our members attend the network meetings but also many do not have the opportunity and we would love for you to know us better!

So, who are we?

We are small but mighty! On the ground we have Wayne Wilson, our newly appointed Director (well done Wayne!).  Emma Mannering our Finance & Administrator but not limited to those two titles, she keeps us going!  Rebekah Shaxted who works mainly on our apprenticeships arm but will stick her nose into almost everything.  Karen Marriott, our techy queen who brings you all of our websites, our wonderful links and makes anything and everything pretty!  Amy Dennison, our Swale ESN Lead who can answer any question about employability and sweet talk you into anything and last but not least, Claire Marshall our wacky but effective Medway ESN Lead who will give you the kick start into anything you dream possible.  We have a committee as well, who you can find out more about here.

What do we do?

Personally? We make up to a very (dys)functional family:

The sporty one Wayne, the one who thinks they know everything Rebekah, the voice of reason Emma, the challenging but right nine times out of ten Amy, the techy and knowledgeable Karen and the happy hippy Claire. We are broken down into two parts, KATO and Employer & Skills Network.

KATO, Kent Association of Training Organisations

KATO focusses all of its energy to being the voice and support of our providers. We work on projects alongside to compliment the work of our providers, for example KATO are a part of the following projects:

  • OTLA: Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment Project
  • T-Levels: TRIP Project

  • ASK: Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools.

  • Become a Lecturer Campaign

  • Kent & Medway Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony

At KATO we work hard to keep our noses on the ground to ensure that we know everything and anything going on within the education sector. Working closely with the other Provider Networks, SELEP, KCC, TEP, Medway Council and many more.

ESN, Employer and Skills Network

ESN works closely with other support provisions across Kent & Medway to support participants 18+ who are out of education or employment to take their steps into their career. Working on projects such as:

  • Launchpad
  • Launchpad Extended Programme
  • Talent Match
  • Community Grant
  • And many more….

As a team, we work towards our constitution but more simply, our end goal is to support our providers and our participants. We will take any challenge or questions thrown us from our providers, outside organisations or someone who just needs some advice.

During this pandemic, it’s easy to get lost sitting behind your computer whilst your brain wiles away. Please know that our network is here for all of our providers, participants and colleagues whether it be personal or professional.