During this time, it is easy to pool our focus onto the students who had a clear plan of where they would be this September, whether it be higher education, apprenticeships or full-time work. It’s easy to forget the people who just don’t know where they want to go yet.

Usually, during this time schools are locking down (no pun intended) for exams and the final talks with students about Post-16/Post-18. Majority of students will have started/completed applications for their chosen destinations and no doubt they are still affected and struggling but what about the students who would have had the extra support from the careers advisers that might just give them the idea of a pathway that they need.

How can we ensure they have all of the information about their opportunities? Many students still do not understand the opportunities in front of them, what areas should we be focusing on and how can we do it from home?

There are many websites you can look at, which we have listed below but instead of scrolling through endless articles and websites, we believe a conversation is the most important. Commonly, you will have at least two different pathways within a family when answering the question ‘How did you get here?’. Sometimes, just talking through the routes you have taken as friends, parents, guardians or carers can open a whole new world of opportunities within a students eyes.

Being able to see the success you have had whether huge or small, it shows a light at the end of the tunnel.

How to talk about careers?

  • Mind map where your career choice can take you.
  • Compile a list of questions and look up the answers for many different sector areas.
  • YouTube it! Many different sector areas share their knowledge and insight to working within it!
  • Reach out, there are many companies willing to support you during this time.

Where to look for advice?

KATO Providers: Many of our members are offering online advice and guidance you can find them here: https://www.kato-training.org/membership/our-members/ or email: info@kato-training.com

Amazing Apprenticeships

Social Enterprise Kent

This opportunity is not only for those students mentioned above, this is a great opportunity for anyone to learn how to find new and exciting ways to learn new skills and progress into or further in your chosen career.